Associated Builders andContractors

Apprenticeship Requirements and Application

Minimum applicant qualifications:

Be 18 years of age or older

Be a high school graduate or possess a GED

Be a resident of the United States

Be physically capable of performing the tasks required by the trade (climbing ladders, carrying over 50 lbs., good hand-eye coordination, etc.)

Have reliable transportation

Be able to pass a drug screening and background check (these are employer requirements, ABC does not perform drug or background checks)

Required Documents to submit:

Complete written application (see link below)

3 letters of reference from non-family members dated within 6 months of your application (letters can come from friends, work mates, employers, teachers, etc. and must be signed by the person recommending you)

2 forms of identification (typically a driver’s license and social security card – see written application for details)

A copy of a high school diploma or GED

Results from the CNM (Central NM Community College)  Math Accuplacer test. You must place in either Math 970 or higher to be considered for any ABC Program. A copy of your college course transcripts, will suffice in place of the Accuplacer test.

Interview Process

Once you submit all the required documentation, we will schedule an interview with the ABC Interview and Disciplinary Committee. This is not a job interview but a review of eligibility for the program. An applicant must score a minimum of 60 points to be placed on the ranking list. Applicants are listed by score: highest to lowest.

Applicants receive points for education (a high school diploma or GED is 15 points); work experience specific to the trade requested; general construction experience and general work experience.

Applicants are rated on sincerity of interest (are they looking for a job, something they will ditch in a couple of months or are they looking for a career); commitment level; understanding of apprentice responsibilities (attending classes; passing tests; this can be a 4-year school commitment, etc.).

Applicants who receive at least 60 points are higher will receive a list of ABC sponsoring companies to apply for job openings.

ABCNM is not an employment agency nor is this a guarantee of employment.